📣 4 Reasons Why Influencer Marketing is Great for Pet Brands

Instagram and other social networks are packed full of pet influencers, all competing for attention. The pet industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and is blessed with the biggest influencers in the world. There is plenty of potential to bring in a lot more customers if influencer marketing is done correctly. It is a great way to get exposure and build your brand. We'll be looking at 5 reasons behind why it's so important for pet brands.

1. Build trust with pet owners.

Pet owners often trust the opinions of their fellow dog owners. Influencer marketing is a way for pet brands to build trust with their customers and customers' friends or families.

You can target audiences that best reflect your ideal customers.

Influencer marketing, sometimes referred to as brand activation marketing, is used to drive traffic and word-of-mouth, generally by leveraging social media influencers for your product's promotion. The idea behind influencer marketing is that small groups of like-minded individuals can form a trend, and become known throughout their local area through word of mouth. This effect can be huge for small brands trying to get noticed by larger chains, or even celebrities.

2. It's cost-effective for pet brands

Whether you have a little or a lot of marketing budget, influencer marketing is a cost-effective way for pet brand owners to reach consumers.

Target your ideal customers

By posting regularly and publishing stories yourself, you can reach a large audience organically. You can target accounts that most resembles your ideal customer by actively liking posts and by following certain accounts.

Start your first influencer campaign today. Simply create a campaign within minutes and watch the collaboration proposals pour in. In most cases, Dogfluencers only ask for free products in return for promotion.

3. Get professional content

There are many extremely talented influencers in the dog industry who can create beautiful images of their dog with your products. Looking for video? Then there are videographers with dogs. Are you looking for professional photos? Then there are plenty of dog photographers who want to make beautiful creative material for your brand at low cost or just in return for you sponsoring them products.

These creative people enjoy socializing and spending time with their dog. Contribute to this as a brand and the pleasure will be associated with your brand and your products.

4. Optimize engagement

Influencers know their audience well. They know the ecosystem and what's trending. They are experts at creating social content that works. This is the result of a lot of experience and interaction with the people who follow them.

As a brand, it can be difficult to replicate that. It is difficult for a marketing department to address each sub-target group specifically. Working with many different influencers can then be a more effective approach.

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