ERA Millennium dog food

Foods with a high content of animal origin ingredients (60% - 65%), combined with brown rice and a careful selection of vegetables, fruits and functional ingredients that ensure an optimal and balanced supply of nutrients.

We added functional ingredients under the name Opti Immuno +. Opti Immuno is a careful selection of functional ingredients that have proven to provide health benefits, helping the body to function correctly, leading to a healthier lifestyle and an increase of life expectancy

ERA contains high levels of protein, necessary to cover all the needs of each developmental stage of any type of dog breed, providing the advantages of a protein-rich diet without reaching excessive levels

The high inclusions of fresh meat contributes to a higher palatability of the recipes

In the ERA recipes you will find: • 60-65% of high quality animal origin ingredients (originally suitable for human consumption). • Fresh boneless meat as the first ingredient in all recipes. • Dehydrated sources of animal origin (turkey, lamb or herring) as the second ingredient. • Brown whole rice to provide energy with a low glycemic index. • Selected vegetables and fruits, rich in natural antioxidants (polyphenols and carotenoids) which provide energy with a low glycemic index. • Natural sources of omega 3 and 6 to improve hair quality and mental health. • Ascophyllum nodosum: algae with effect on dental health and prevention of tartar. • Natural sources of chondroprotectors (glucosamine and chondroitin), which provide joint health. • Prebiotics and probiotics that act together to provide good intestinal health. • Natural preservatives (tocopherol). • Vitamins and minerals that provide the essential micronutrients for a complete, balanced and healthy nutrition

In the ERA recipes you will NOT find: • Byproducts of animal origin. • Allergenic cereals neither with gluten (corn, wheat, barley or rye). • Artificial flavors • Artificial colorants • Artificial preservatives • Allergenic or non-sustainable vegetables (soy, palm oil). • Little digestible vegetables (potato). • Simple sugars

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