Gather endless Valley vegan

Gather Endless valley
Vegan recipe for adult dogs, made with certified organic & sustainably grown peas

A plant based diet can be a great option for dogs, their humans and the environment. The secret, for dogs anyway, is that they consume sufficient protein containing all the essential amino acids, and complementary ingredients that provide complete and balanced nutrition. That’s what you’ll find in Endless Valley; certified organic pea protein and other pure and natural ingredients in a recipe crafted especially for dogs with vegan appetites.

Recipe features:
Clean protein from certified organic & sustainably grown peas
- Non-GMO (no genetically engineered ingredients)
- Complete and balanced nutrition for adult dogs with:
  • -No rendered ingredients
  • -Sustainably grown grains and vegetables
  • -Omega 3 & 6 from organic flaxseed & sunflower oil for healthy        skin and a radiant coat
  • -Varied plant proteins provide your dog with all of the essential        amino acids you need
  • -Unique and highly palatable flavor

With nothing added that’s not needed:
No animal ingredients
- No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
- No wheat, corn or soy

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