Carniwell are local fish and meat delicacies for your dog. More than 80% comes directly from the Netherlands and nothing is imported from outside Europe. The latter has the great advantage that the Carniwell snacks are not radioactively irradiated, in contrast to other similar products that can be found in pet shops and other stores and come from outside Europe.

Carniwell is one of the healthiest delicacies. The snacks are pure and nothing is added. Each delicacy contains only 1 protein source that is easy to recognize by its color. For example, all snacks that come from the rabbit, for example, are marked with a pink label and the fish with a blue label. Ideal if your dog has a hypoallergenic diet or has a preference for certain protein sources for any reason!

In addition to the healthy nutritional value, many Carniwell snacks have an additional health specialty. For example, the 'Meat Cigars' help to promote healthy teeth and the 'Fat Salmon Fillets' stimulate a healthy shiny skin and coat! All Carniwell fish and meat delicacies are air dried, 100% natural and grain free. The snacks are conveniently packed in resealable bags.

Has your interest been aroused? Take a look at the different delicacies or contact us! Carniwell is available in the better pet stores.

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