Top 5 Influencer Marketing Jobs in the Dog Industry

Do you love dogs and social media? And are you looking for a great job that fit those interests? Look no further, because we have compiled the top 5 dog influencer marketing jobs in the dog industry for you. When it comes to dog influencer marketing, there are many branches and disciplines within the industry. We share five jobs that are right for you.

1. Influencer marketing internship

An influencer marketing internship at a dog brand is a great way to learn about how brands are connecting with their customers. Being a part of a team can help bring about new opportunities in your field. It's also an awesome way to meet people and work on projects with people who are as interested in dogs as you are.

2. Social media manager for a dog brand

You will need to work with experts in the dog industry to find ways to grow your reach and income. Dogs are their own brands and need to be known by their owners and fellow influencers. Social media management involves knowing the social sites and quickly figuring out what works best for your brand. Your job will be to promote and grow posts, comments, likes, and shares about your brand on various sites so that people engage with you and follow you.

3. Become a dogfluencer

Do you have a dog yourself? Of course you have! Creating an Instagram account for your dog can be fun and rewarding.

For example, there are dog photo filters that can make your pet's face look more like that of a celebrity. You can get creative with the text on your feed by adding hashtags that will help drive traffic to your profile.

Feed your audience the right things at the right time and you should be able to build a decent following in no time at all.

Once you have a big audience, you can reach out to brands to get products in return for content, exposure via your channel or a product review. Once your account is really big, you can also earn money for posts.

Don't forget to add your dog to

4. Start your own marketing agency in the dog niche

Are you looking to build up your network and be recognized as an expert in your field? Running an influencer marketing company can give you this opportunity. The major benefit of running marketing campaigns for brands is exposure and brand awareness. This can lead to more opportunities for networking and working with other businesses, which leads to more opportunities for making money.

Are you looking for a new career? A new business? Or just want to keep your skills sharp? Consider becoming a canine social media expert. You will have plenty of opportunities to be part of exciting dog related projects.

5. Creative director in the dog industry

The Creative Director in the Dog Industry has a diverse set of responsibilities. This role is centered on creating content (photos and videos), promoting and selling dog toys, treats, and other products or services.

The ideal candidate has a proven track record of improving sales and increasing market share via digital channels.

Hopefully one of the above jobs is a good fit for you. Do you have another idea? Send us a message and we'll add it. Good luck in finding your next challenging job!

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