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Discover the 'Tooktake Daily Label Magic 🐾: An Effortles... tiktok facebook instagram



Chewy Adventure with ROAM®'s Ossy Hide 🐾 instagram tiktok youtube facebook


Better Bone

🇪🇸🇵🇹 Chew News: BetterBone's Wooftastic Iberian Launch 🇪🇸... tiktok instagram facebook


For XS dogs up to 10 pounds: ThermoCool Bowl Magic: Servi... instagram tiktok youtube facebook


For S dogs, 5-25 lbs or 2.3-11.3 kg: ThermoCool Bowl Magi... instagram tiktok youtube facebook

For M dogs: 25-50 lbs or 11.3-22.7 kg: ThermoCool Bowl Ma... instagram tiktok youtube facebook


For L dogs: 50-100 lbs or 22.7-45.4 kg: ThermoCool Bowl M... instagram tiktok youtube facebook



Bulldogology Dog Puppy Pads (24x24) Large Pee Pads for Do... instagram

Seaweed for Dogs

Seaweed Smiles - Clean teeth and a healthy mouth with CAN... instagram

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Frequently Asked Questions

At, you can effortlessly engage with dog influencers in two ways: Use our precise search engine to find and contact influencers directly, or create a campaign and let suitable dog influencers come to you. 

Through our platform, you can secure high-quality, authentic, user-generated content that dog influencers will upload directly to your account for ease of access and management. Alongside content acquisition, you'll gain valuable product feedback and ensure your brand's presence is amplified across social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube, enhancing your visibility and impact.
Dogfluence distinguishes itself in the influencer marketing landscape by specializing exclusively in the dog-focused vertical. This specialized approach ensures an unparalleled experience for dog brands, allowing you to precisely target and sponsor dogs that align perfectly with your brand's narrative and products. Our platform's focus on dogs means you can easily find dog influencers ideally suited for specific products, whether breed-specific items, size-related accessories, or age-specific products.

This level of specificity in choosing dog influencers leads to more authentic promotions and content, resonating strongly with a dedicated audience of dog lovers and pet owners. In essence, Dogfluence's niche focus on dogs ensures a more effective and resonant reach for your brand within the pet industry.
Booking a dog influencer on Dogfluence can be done in two ways:
  1. Direct Search and Contact: Use our platform to directly search and message selected dog influencers. This approach, best for barter deals, allows a precise selection of dog influencers aligning with your brand. Messages are more likely to be read than standard social media DMs, fostering effective communication. Note that direct payment to influencers isn't available (yet) with this method.
  2. Campaign Organization: Create a Dogfluence campaign to attract paid or unpaid dog influencer applicants for broader reach. This method is ideal for sponsoring multiple dog influencers. It offers scalability and the convenience of compensating them directly through the platform, generating a large volume of content and extensive promotion across various channels.
For dog influencers, Dogfluence is entirely free to use, with no subscription fees. However, when a financial fee is involved in a campaign (i.e. when dog influencers are paid), we charge them a 20% seller fee.

For brands, we offer a range of subscription plans tailored to different needs. You can explore these options in more detail on our Pricing page. Additionally, we charge brands a nominal 5.5% platform fee for paid sponsorships. It's also possible to engage in barter deals, where brands exchange only products for promotions. In such cases, the only platform cost is the subscription fee, with no additional charges.
Payments on Dogfluence are securely processed through Stripe, ensuring a safe and reliable transaction system. 

When you approve a paid sponsorship, where a dog influencer requests a financial fee, you authorize the platform to initiate the charge. This amount is securely held in escrow by Dogfluence until you fully approve the submissions for your campaign tasks. Our system provides a 7-day window to request revisions to the submissions, ensuring these align with your campaign goals and expectations before the payment is released to the creator. 

This process not only secures your investment but also maintains high standards of content quality.
At Dogfluence, we harness the power of AI. We take everything we know about your brand and products, your campaign goals, and the learnings we got by facilitating 400+ campaigns to get the best results, and then let the newest model of OpenAI craft your entire campaign for you. 

Leveraging this new tech saves you a ton of time without sacrificing authenticity, as you can still adjust the campaign yourself, ensuring you get the tone-of-voice and demands from dogfluencers precisely correct. 

So why wait? Start your campaign now.
Dogfluence supports a variety of social media channels and formats:
  • Instagram: Photo Posts, Stories, IGTV, Reels, and Carousels; 
  • TikTok: Single Video, Duets, and Hashtag Challenges; 
  • Facebook: Photo and Video Posts, Stories, and Live Videos;  
  • YouTube: Videos, Shorts, Premieres, and Live Streams. 
This range ensures versatile and impactful marketing campaigns across different platforms.
Managing content from dog influencers on Dogfluence is streamlined and efficient. Content creation is a mandatory element of every campaign on our platform. This ensures that every campaign produces fresh, original content tailored to your brand's needs. Creators upload their content directly onto Dogfluence. Our system then automatically aggregates this content, making it readily accessible in your account through your Content Hub.
In the Content Hub, you can effortlessly sort and filter the content based on various criteria, such as the source of the content, dog influencer handles, the type of file (photo or video), and the specific products featured in each piece of content.

Say goodbye to time-consuming searches; all the content you need is directly at your fingertips, organized, and ready for your review and use.
In principle, Dogfluence imposes no upper limit on the number of dog influencers you can collaborate with within a single campaign. However, in practice, the actual number you work with may be influenced by two main factors: the volume of applicants that respond to your campaign and the specific subscription plan you have chosen on Dogfluence.
You can set specific criteria for your campaign to ensure that only dog influencers who align with the products can apply for participation. You can target dog influencers based on weight, size, age, and other relevant characteristics. This approach allows our platform to filter out dog influencers who don't meet your specified qualifications, ensuring a more precise and effective match for your products.

Furthermore, once you've selected your campaign team from the applicants, you can export their addresses. This exported sheet will provide the contact details and include comprehensive information about the dogs, such as weight, size, birthdate, and other pertinent data. This level of detail helps fine-tune your campaign to match the exact requirements of your product, ensuring a more tailored and impactful promotion.
Yes, Dogfluence has a structured process to ensure the credibility of dog influencers on our platform. While we do not manually vet every dog influencer, essential steps and systems are in place for quality assurance.

Dogfluencers must connect their social media channels to our platform before applying to any campaign. This connection allows us to gather and present a range of statistics about each creator, aiding brands in making informed decisions based on first-party data. These statistics include the number of followers, engagement rate, average response time, the number of campaigns completed, submission rate, on-time delivery percentage, and more.

These metrics provide a comprehensive view of each dog influencer's performance and reliability, enabling you to select the most suitable and effective influencers for your campaigns. This data-driven approach ensures that while we may not manually vet every influencer, you have access to all the necessary information to vet and choose the best candidates for your specific needs.
You can read our full terms and service here. Highlighted below are some of the most crucial points for quick reference.
  • Dog Welfare Standards: Dogfluencers must comply with ethical standards for dog welfare, and dogs with specific physical alterations may be excluded from the platform.
  • Content Licensing by Dogfluencers: Dogfluencers grant brands that engage with them via our platform a non-exclusive, royalty-free, transferable, and worldwide license to use any content they create and upload as part of sponsored campaigns.
  • Campaign Commitments: Brands must adhere to the agreements made during campaigns, including delivering promised products or financial compensation to Dogfluencers.
  • Exclusivity Agreement: Brands are bound by a one-year exclusivity clause following the initiation of a partnership with Dogfluencers. Violating this agreement incurs a penalty.
We ensure dogfluencer compliance with campaign requirements through:
  • Timely Reminders: Keeping dogfluencers informed about their responsibilities and deadlines.
  • Public Reviews: Brands write reviews that impact the dogfluencer's reputation on the platform.
  • Direct Communication: Brands can message dogfluencers for reminders or discuss partial submissions.
  • Submission Review: Brands can reject submissions with reasons, helping manage non-compliant dogfluencers.
  • Flagging System: Non-compliant dogfluencers can be flagged for future campaign restrictions.
  • Participation Limitation: Dogfluencers failing to deliver content are automatically barred from future campaigns.
Overall, quality and compliance are our top priorities, focusing on maintaining high standards in dog influencer marketing.
Dogfluence has distinct policies for sponsorships, addressing non-delivery by dog influencers according to the sponsorship type.
  1. For Barter Sponsorships: If a dog influencer doesn't deliver content for a barter deal, Dogfluence credits the brand for the product value and shipping costs, which can be used towards their platform subscription fees, compensating for the investment made in the sponsorship.
  2. For Paid Sponsorships: If a dog influencer fails to deliver content for a paid sponsorship, Dogfluence refunds the sponsorship fee and credits the brand for any associated product and shipping costs, covering the full scope of the brand's investment.
These policies ensure fair brand compensation across all sponsorships, including product exchanges and financial deals.
When disputes with dogfluencers on Dogfluence are not resolved through the platform's established revision request process, brands can escalate the issue to the Dogfluence support team for further assistance.

This stage involves mediation by the support team, which thoroughly reviews the situation. They consider the requirements outlined in the original campaign and the content or actions of the dogfluencer in question.

This process aims to find a resolution that satisfies the brand and the dogfluencer. The team may propose compromises or alternative solutions that adhere to the platform's terms, seeking to align with the interests of both parties.

What Brands Say About Us

Stefan Wielink

SW Pet Products

"The community creates hundreds of photos and videos a year for our brands. We use high-quality content for our brochures and website, and the more authentic content in our posts and stories on social media. The team behind the platform is very helpful."

Kaatje De Moor


"Dogfluence was a real game changer for our company. We found it hard to reach more dog people on social media. Thanks to Dogfluence we were able to grow those numbers by means of really fun campaigns. Great support and nothing but mind-blowing results!"

Harriette Philips

Budy & Lola

"Finally we can find HQ influencers without spending hours scrolling through Instagram. Our reach has increased by 150% and freed up our team. We love Dogfluence and the opportunities it gives us to work with influencers in a cost-effective way!"