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Jun 14, 2022 - Jun 29, 2022
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Jul 4, 2022
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Jul 9, 2022 - Jul 19, 2022
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United States,
United Kingdom
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All breeds

Products you receive

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Pet Eye Wipes,100 Count

  • HEALTHY, TEAR-FREE EYES โ€“ Arava eye wipes gently and effectively remove any leaky discharge from your petโ€™s crusty โ€œsleepyโ€ eyes while preventing new tear stains before they start.
  • DOES NOT REMOVE EXISTING STAINS - Arava pet eye wipes prevent new tear stains and remove the gunk that can collect in the corner of your dog or catโ€™s eyes. In order to eliminate any existing tear stains, please use Arava Tear Stains Remover Solution.
  • ALLERGY FREEโ€“ Arava pet eye wipes are effective on a wide variety of animals, including puppies, adult and senior dogs, kittens, cats, and even horse! The allergy free ingredients are good for pets with allergies
  • MADE FOR SENSITIVE EYES โ€“ Arava pet wet wipes are made especially for cleaning around sensitive eyes and along furry cheeks to prevent tear stains. Fashioned to be soft, non-irritating and soothing, your pet will love them

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