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Unsubscribe from group chat (21-4-22)

As a dogfluencer, you can now unsubscribe from certain group chats via settings > notifications.

Messaging is live! (17-3-22)

Running campaigns now have group chat (with up to 50 participants). You can go to your chat inbox by logging in and then click 'Chat inbox' in your menu. In the coming week it will be possible to send DMs from more places in the site.

Brands: new pricing + media credits (16-3-22)

We have greatly simplified new business subscription plans, which are based more on the value one can currently derive from the platform.

Explanation new pricing

Follower reach per campaign

This is the sum of all followers of the dogfluencers in a campaign.

Media credits per campaign

With media credits, you can buy photos and videos. A photo = 1 credit, a video = 5 credits.

GB storage

This is the number of GB's used by media in your account, uploaded by dogfluencers. Don't worry, we ZIP your files so you can go a long way!

No. of brands

This is the number of brands / labels you can run from one business account.

No. of seats

This is the number of co-workers with which you can work in your account.

Consider digging a discount

Our yearly plans offer a 17% discount.

Google / Facebook login (16-3-22)

You can now login with Google or Facebook. When you have multiple Google accounts, make sure you choose the one that is connected to your account already.

Brands: storage overview (15-3-22)

As a business user, you can now see how much GB storage you've used.

PS: as a dog owner, make sure your dog has enough storage for toys. 🧸

Brands: improvements 'Campaign Builder' (14-3-22)

We reduced the number of steps in the Campaign Builder to 5 and we introduced:

  • Automatic planning

  • Rule (sub)categories

  • Pre-written rules

The above improvements result in a time saving of about 50%.

Brands: always approve or reject applicants (11-3-22)

Previously, brands had to wait to choose dogfluencers until the campaign registration period ended. That is no longer the case. As a brand manager you can now always approve or disapprove a dogfluencer for the campaign, after a request for participation has been submitted.

Brands: improved media view (10-3-22)

When dogfluencers upload content, this will be placed under a campaign under the heading 'media'. Previously, not all thumbnails and videos work, but now this problem has been solved.

Brands: send track & trace links (10-3-22)

It's now possible to send track & trace links to dogfluencers after the product has been shipped.

Improvements site design (9-3-22)

We have made the following changes to the design of the site:

  • All active campaigns are now visible on the homepage;

  • We have launched a 'Platform' page to make it more clear to brands what they can expect from the platform.

  • We also created such a page for 'Dogfluencers'.

Brands: download invoices (9-3-22)

Brands can now set an email to which we send download links for invoices.