Platform overview: Leverage dog influencers and reach dog owners

Increase your brand's dog influencer marketing efficiency with our powerful dog creator marketplace & SaaS software.

Dog influencer software for dog brand - find dog influencers - work with dog inlfuencersOn, as a brand manager, you have the opportunity to work with influential dogs in the pet industry to promote your products. You can choose to send your products to the influencers and pay them a fee for creating content and sharing reviews about your products. Alternatively, you can pay the influencers a fee for their services without providing product sponsorships.

Work with legitimate dog influencers

All profiles on are self-registered and verified, ensuring that you are collaborating with legitimate influencers. Utilizing the power of influencer marketing on can help you reach a targeted audience and increase brand awareness for your products.

We like transparency. Check out our platform statistics here to see the reach of our community in countries that matter to your brand.

3 Main benefits 👇

1. Get promoted by top-notch dog influencers

Be cost-effective and diversify your marketing spend. Instead of expensive Meta ads, invest in your community, and get more reach through influential dogs.

Promote your dog brand and product through dog influencersPartner with influential dogs on to promote your brand to hundreds of thousands of dog owners.

2. Crowdsource authentic branded content

You can choose to sponsor the influencers by sending them products or paying them a fee, in exchange for authentic content such as posts, stories, REELs, and TikToks. This is a guaranteed way to highlight your brand and increase brand awareness among a targeted audience.

Branded content for dog brandsNo more expensive media agencies and always a great timeline on Instagram. Spend no more time creating content. Instead, focus on building your business.

- High quality content for a fraction of the cost;
- Royalty-free content you can use anywhere;
- All neatly sorted for in your account.

3. Get (public) reviews & product feedback

How to get customer - dog owners - reviewsAsk for product feedback and ask influencers to publicly review your brand online. You can expect a lot of 5-star reviews and this will skyrocket your brand's online reputation and help your SEO efforts as well.

- Improve your brand's online reputation;
- Improve your site conversion with reviews;
- Get feedback for product improvement.

📣 How the platform works in 5 steps

Step 1: Start a new campaign

Dog influencer campaign step 1Create a brief in under 10 minutes with the 5-step Campaign Builder.

1. Outline and describe the campaign;
2. Determine the campaign schedule;
3. Indicate whether or not the campaign includes product sponsorship;
4. Set campaign requirements using our standard campaign rules;
5. Target influencers based on location, no. of followers, and engagement rate.

Step 2: Watch the applicants pour in

Choose your dog influencersOur system invites all dog influencers that meet your criteria, such as number of followers, minimum engagement rate, or targeted countries. There is often a high level of interest when the campaign is interesting and engaging.

Step 3: Pick your dog influencers

Pick dog influencers you want to work withLogin and see who has signed up for your campaign. Review the accounts with our tools and accept or reject dog influencers. You can choose to send them your product(s), and/or you can opt to pay them a fee for their services, and they will create branded content, promote your brand, and write reviews and testimonials.

Step 4: Track it all in one place

Track your dog influencer campaignSeamlessly manage 100’s of dogfluencers. Export shipping addresses, see who has already submitted, send reminders, download content and review dogfluencers.

Are you happy with the performance of a dogfluencer? Our system will automatically pay them on a specified date. If you are not happy, you can ask for a revision or reach out to us to make sure you are 100% satisfied in the end.

Step 5: Use your newly created branded content

Dog influencers upload hundreds of photos and videos to your account. You can view and download photos and videos per campaign and then use the material on social media, in your website or in magazines.

Branded content for dog brands

What are you waiting for?

Get 100s of TikTok and Instagram dogfluencers talking about your brand in no-time!


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As a brand, what does it cost me?

Monthly and annual subscriptions built for teams of all sizes. Self-serve or fully managed. Check out our pricing here. All plans exclude (possible) influencer fees.

Or let us run your campaigns

Meet your campaign manager

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- Campaign promotion
- Dogfluencer selection
- Campaign management
- Reviewing dogfluencers

Run dogfluencer campaigns without adding to your workload. Let our team do the heavy lifting, so you can go walk the dog. Schedule a demo call to explore the possibilities.

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