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Repup Probiotics for Dogs

We have just released our new Repup Digestive dog supplement and we would love you to be amongst the first few people we've reached out to receive our product. Repup chews are full of high-quality nutrients, that allow balance your dog’s diet and manage some persistent health issues, and support your dog well into advanced age. They come in a shape and flavor the dogs like, so they’ll work for food-motivated dogs as a treat, and will help you avoid using pill pockets for vitamins.

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Repup Probiotics for Dogs

  • 🐶 Dog probiotic for better digestion and gut health care: each serving contains 3 billion CFU’s of 5 live strains of probiotics that can help your dog absorb nutrients better. We also included prebiotics to make sure the probiotics can thrive in gut flora, and digestive enzymes for better bowel movement.

  • 💩 Better poop: psyllium husk as a natural fiber source helps prevent digestive issues and may eliminate the cause of bad breath. This way, you’ll have an easier time scooping, and if your pet encountered gastrointestinal distress like gas, loose stool or diarrhea because of a change in routine, the chews will provide your dog with an upset stomach relief.

    🐕 Support overall health: probiotics, enzymes, and psyllium husk contribute to a healthier microflora, normal inflammation response, and healthier skin. Adding probiotics for dogs helps maintain immunity because the gut plays an important role in the immune response. Probiotics are often added to the pets’ diet as a part of treatment for itchy skin and allergies.

  • 🐩 Tail-waggingly tasty: natural peanut butter flavor in probiotics chewable healthy treats will appeal to your puppy, so no need to worry about tricking your dog into eating vitamins. You can use chews as treats, during training sessions or as a delicious way to deal with dog anxiety. The chews are easy to feed to your dog, have no hassle with pill pockets, and can be used with large, medium and small breeds without breaking chew apart.

  • 🦴 Good stuff only: canine probiotic chews don’t contain artificial preservatives, GMOs, corn, wheat, or soy derivatives, so no risk of an upset stomach for your pup. The supplements are made in the USA with no-heat technology to preserve the strength of all the vitamins and nutrients.

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