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Puppybox - Only for puppies

We organize this campaign to source photos and videos of puppies with our Puppybox. This box contains at least 11 products, including at least two toys, and is suitable for dogs up to 18 kg. We are looking for puppies that are still pretty small compared to their final weight, and not older than 9 months.

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✍️ Application period
Jun 15, 2022 - Jun 30, 2022
📦 Shipment date products
Jul 5, 2022
🗓️ Campaign period
Jul 10, 2022 - Jul 20, 2022
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🌎 Qualifying countries
🐶 Qualifying breeds
All breeds

Products you receive

When your channel is approved for this campaign, you will receive the following products.


Campaign requirements

Rules with a * are required when you participate in this campaign.

Media request 📷'

Video - Product presentation *
Display the products nicely in front of the box or (partly) in the box. If there is a box card in it, you can show that too. Preferably with your dog recognizable on it, not sniffing in the box, but looking at the camera. :)

Review request ⭐

Personal product review *
Write a few sentences on what you liked and disliked about our product.

Media request 📷'

Photo - Studio shot *
Create at least 15 high-quality pictures of your dog with the box, and the open box, with all the items. Do not upload big files, because we need to use it on web (big files are bad for SEO), so keep the files small while keeping the best possible quality. We prefer square and horizontal pics.

Media request 📷'

Video - Product unboxing *
Unpack our product together with your dog. Show everything clearly and show how your dog reacts to it.

Media request 📷'

Video - Customer testimonial *
Film yourself and tell (together with your dog) - in a real and authentic way - what your experience is with our product.

Review request ⭐

Google review *
Go to our Google company profile and give us a review. Please do the same on

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