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Snuffelbox Summer Box 2022

To promote the Snuffelbox Summer box of 2022.

Campaign ends in

✍️ Application period
Jun 13, 2022 - Jun 17, 2022
📦 Shipment date products
Jul 18, 2022
🗓️ Campaign period
Jun 21, 2022 - Jul 31, 2022
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🌎 Qualifying countries
🐶 Qualifying breeds
All breeds

Products you receive

When your channel is approved for this campaign, you will receive the following products.

Summer Box

Your dog can count on the trip of a lifetime. Minimum of two toys and premium treats. There is at least € 50 in value in the box.

  • At least € 50 in product value;
  • 10 to 11 top quality products;
  • At least 2 toys;
  • High quality products.

Campaign requirements

Rules with a * are required when you participate in this campaign.

Promotion 🔗

Promote Dogfluence!
Create a post / story in which you promote the platform Ask people to register their dogfluencer channel(s) or dog brand (company).

Promotion 🔗

Post *
Post at least one photo, carousel or video of your dog with our product. Make sure the full product is visible. Make sure our brand is visible and use #snuffelbox and @snuffelbox.

Promotion 🔗

Story *
Share at least one story of an open box with your dog. Make sure our brand is visible.

Promotion 🔗

Instagram REEL! *
Record a vertical video of max. 15 sec. with enough light to identify our product and/or logo. Use sound and add @snuffelbox as co-author so we could share your REEL on our page too. Mention @snuffelbox in the text and add a call to action 'follow @snuffelbox'.

Media request 📷'

Video - Customer testimonial *
Film yourself and tell (together with your dog) - in a real and authentic way - what your experience is with our product.

Media request 📷'

Photo - Studio shot *
Make at least five lifestyle photos of our open box, nicely presenting all products, with your dog in a nice setting.

Media request 📷'

Video - Product unboxing *
Unpack our product together with your dog. Show everything clearly and show how your dog reacts to it.

Review request ⭐

Google review *
Go to our Google company profile and give us a review.

Review request ⭐

Other *
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