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Wuff Life Campaign

We are launching this campaign in conjunction with launching our website: We cartoonify your four pawed pals and add them to a T, hoodie or tote bag, starting the Wuff Life. We are offering a £5 discount to your followers and also a £5 commission for any sales that your unique discount code generates. We look forward to hearing from any interested dogfluencers :)

Campaign ends in

✍️ Application period
May 25, 2022 - Jun 9, 2022
📦 Shipment date products
Jun 14, 2022
🗓️ Campaign period
Jun 19, 2022 - Jul 19, 2022
🤳🏻 Required followers
🌎 Qualifying countries
United Kingdom
🐶 Qualifying breeds
All breeds

Products you receive

When your channel is approved for this campaign, you will receive the following products.

Wuff Life T, Hoodie, Tote bag or dog bandana

We cartoonify your dog and add them to a T, hoodie or tote bag, starting the Wuff Life.
And for all you dogs out there, don’t worry we cartoon your humans too, so you can rep’ your human for those big days out in the park!
We are not only passionate about dogs and design, but also the environment. All our clothing is organic, ethically sourced, and a tree is planted for each T.

Campaign requirements

Rules with a * are required when you participate in this campaign.

Promotion 🔗

Promote Dogfluence! *
Create a post / story in which you promote the platform Ask people to register their dogfluencer channel(s) or dog brand (company).

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Video - Product presentation *
Create a beautiful product video showing the product, in which you present the product and show your dog.

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