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We are proud to work with trusted partners in the dog industry.

Big Paws Marketing

Big Paws Marketing is an award-winning, nose-to-tail digital marketing agency serving small to medium-sized businesses in the pet industry. Their nimble, pet loving team has ten years of experience as leading pet industry marketers. They know just how to speak to pet parents!

Email Marketing. From funnels to blasts, segmentation to SMS, Big Paws knows how to reach the right pet parent audience with the right platform. 

Content/Blogging/SEO. Big Paws Marketing cut its teeth on writing and continues to be a foundational offering, helping pet businesses attract and convert with well-written and carefully strategized content. 

Paid Ads. Whether Google or Meta, Big Paws knows how to target and convert pet parents with attractive creatives and copy. 

Lead Generation. Grow your pet parent audience with targeted lead generation campaigns. 

PR. Big Paws Marketing won a 2022 Vetty Award for their work with Ceva Animal Health, receiving top tier media coverage. They're eager to tell your story!

Social Media. Convert your social followers to loyal customers with Big Paws' expert social media team.

Contact Big Paws Marketing 

Explore digital marketing solutions for pet brands on Big Paws Marketing's website, or contact them directly at or [email protected]


Spike boomer met boxSnuffelbox is a monthly subscription box for dogs. Every box contains a new theme and at least two toys, two snacks and one chew. The company operates in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Austria.

For over 7 years, Snuffelbox has been helping brands get more exposure for their products. Since 2022, Snuffelbox has partnered with Dogfluence to provide participating brands with value-added services.

Value-added services

  • Listing your products
    Snuffelbox helps your team to list all products on

  • Campaign ideation
    Snuffelbox organizes about 16 campaigns a year. By partnering with them, your brand can gain exposure and amass branded content without having to come up with campaigns of its own.

  • Picking dogfluencers
    Choosing dogfluencers normally takes a lot of time, but when you partner with Snuffelbox they take this out of your hands.

  • Sending out products to dogfluencers
    If your products are already in the Snuffle Box, they will automatically go to the best dogfluencers as well. It saves you a lot of time and shipping costs. You also know that dogfluencers are well informed about the status of their shipment.

  • Dogfluencer correspondence + follow-ups
    Properly instructing dogfluencers, answering questions and sending reminders here and there takes a lot of time. By partnering with Snuffelbox, you don't have to worry about this.

  • Dogfluencer reviewing + reporting
    After each Snuffelbox campaign, you will receive an overview by email with the results of the campaign and pieces of branded content (photos and videos) collected for your brand.

  • Discount on premium plan
    Under certain conditions, your brand can have its own account, or be part of the Snuffelbox account and receive a substantial discount.

Showcase Your Product in Snuffelbox

Would you like to see your products featured in a Snuffelbox and also be active on Don't hesitate to send an email to Team Snuffelbox.