F.A.Q. - What brands ask

Dogfluence is a network of influencers, bloggers and content creators in the dog industry. By sharing posts and stories our dogfluencers can help your brand get in front of the right audience.

There are many influencer networks covering all kinds of industries. We love dogs so we have put them at the center of things. We intend to match products and brands based on the preferences of the dogfluencer. This will get brands the best feedback and when a dogfluencer is happy, this will also come across better on social media.

Brands are typically expected to send out free products to dogfluencers that they approve. Soon, they can also pay influencers to make a sponsored post or story.

At a minimum, influencers are required to review the product in their account and to make one social media post. You can always specify custom requirements for every campaign.

You can consider these dogs as permanent ambassadors of your brand. You can invite dogfluencers to your pack yourself and dogfluencers can request access to your pack as well.

In general, we see dogfluencers honor their agreements. When we see the opposite happening, we take action. Do you want to limit risks? Before you approve a dogfluencer to your company's pack or campaign, first check the social media channel for other sponsored posts and check the reviews on the profile of the dogfluencer.

With request URL, you ask the dogfluencer to share a URL to the promotional post of story. You can also request media uploads and specify what media you wish to receive. Dogfluencers will upload files and these will appear in your account.

Ask the dogfluencer to join Dogfluence.com. After that you can invite the dogfluencer to join your pack.

Not at the moment, but we do not exclude that we will offer this service if there is sufficient demand. Be sure to let us know if you have that need.

You can start using Dogfluence for free (no credit card needed) and get great value. If you love our product and need more features to get more value, please consider subscribing to one of our premium plans.