F.A.Q. - What dogfluencers ask

No, we welcome all dogfluencers regardless of the number of followers. Note that each brand will have their own minimal follower requirements. For some brands this is important, for other brands not so much. If your channel doesn't qualify yet, grow your channel and try again.

First, register your dog's social media channel. After that, brands can invite you for their campaigns. You can also send a collaboration request yourself via a campaign page. When your account is approved for participation in a campaign, we will share your address details with the brand in question and you will receive the products sent to your home.

What a brand expects in return for sponsorship is always clearly described on the campaign page.

Whether your account is approved or rejected for a company's dogfluencer pack, you will receive a notification email in both cases.

Whether your account is approved or rejected for a campaign, you will receive a notification email in both cases.

As long as (temporary) exclusivity is not set as a condition by a brand, you may indeed enter into multiple campaigns at the same time.

Please log into your account and cancel your pending request. If you were already approved for a campaign, send a request to unsubscribe from a campaign. If you fail to communicate that you wish to opt out, you will be responsible for fulfilling the campaign requirements outlined on our website since you agreed to them by submitting the initial request. If you cannot fulfill them, you will be asked to return the product to the vendor at your own expense. You can also unsubscribe from a company's dogfluencer pack at any time.

Of course you can! We more than welcome new brands to participate.

Dogfluence is a global platform. Each brand must indicate to which countries products will or will not be shipped. You can see this on the company page and on the campaign page.

It won't be long before this is possible. We are currently in talks with both dogfluencers and brands about how we will shape paid sponsorships.