🚀 How to Launch Your First Dogfluencer Campaign in 5 Steps

Do not worry. :) New things don't have to be difficult. With this short 5-step plan you will have your first campaign published within ~10 minutes.

1. Sign up your company

If you did not do this already, signup your company here.

2. Claim your brand(s)

If the brand that you want to promote already has a listing on Dogfluence, you can claim that brand by sending us a chat message via the site.

If your brand is not yet listed on our Dogfluence, you can register the brand via your account. Click 'Settings' > 'Brands' > 'New brand'.

3. Add your products

You can add as many products as you want.

Reasons to add your products:

  • It's free exposure to our site visitors, influential dog owners;
  • Once submitted, you can add one or more products to a campaign;
  • Beautiful products generate more collaboration requests from dogfluencers.

To add a new product from your account, click 'Products' > 'Create product'. Or when you are logged in, click here to add a new product.

4. Start your first campaign

Last but not least, make sure to start your first campaign. Watch the video below to see how this works.

Best practices when creating a campaign

  • Consider setting the dogfluencer minimum follower count limit low, so you can choose from enough dogfluencers. You can always reject dogfluencers;
  • Offer high-value products, or - if you unit value is low - combine multiple products in a nice package deal;
  • Use high quality photos for your campaign listing. Please check if it matches the other listings on the site as well. The first impression counts!

You can create a new campaign here.

5. Promote your campaign

From the moment you publish your campaign, you can start promoting your campaign page.

How to promote your campaign

When you have published your campaign, it is important to promote your campaign so that you start collecting pre-subscribers. Below we give some best practices.

  • Create an Instagram story announcing your campaign;
  • Write and share a blogpost in which you tell about the campaign;
  • Send out a newsletter informing your customers about the campaign;
  • Publish a post on Instagram, TikTok or Facebook;
  • Invite dogfluencers personally via Instagram DM.

In a few weeks, you are able to search and filter through the Dogfluencer search engine on our website, to invite dogfluencers personally to your campaign.

How we promote your campaign

Of course we help to bring your campaign to the attention. We do this in the following ways:

  • As soon as the registration period of your campaign opens, all dogfluencers who meet the minimum requirements you set will receive an email.
  • If you receive too few registrations, we will fund ads to attract enough campaign registrants.

Do not delay. Start today!

Follow the steps above and start your first campaign today. Our community of dogfluencers can't wait to promote your products. Many of them will definitely sign up for your campaign.

If you need help, please let us know by sending a chat message. Good luck!

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