Dog modelling UK - Agencies and Brands looking for dog models

As a dog owner in the UK, there’s no doubt about it, your dog is the cutest dog in the world. You have hundreds of photos of them and will spam your friends and family every day. Well, that’s great. But what if you want to make a little money out of it?

Dog modelling UK - Dog modelling in the United Kingdom can be fun for both you and your dog and it’ll provide a little extra income too!

Best dog modelling agencies UK

It’s an essential step to find a dog modelling agency if you’re wanting to take your modelling beyond a hobby. You need someone to let you know of any jobs on the market and to steer you away from anything that sounds a little dodgy.

There are tons of reputable dog modelling agencies out there, alongside some that aren’t so great.

Pug wearing jacket

Top 5 dog modelling agencies UK

For peace of mind and a professional experience, you should take a look at:

1. UrbanPawsUK

Dog modelling UK UrbanPawsUrbanPaws have been running since 2015 and they have connections in the film and television industry and with high-end theatre productions.

If your dog is well trained and can hack life on a film set, then this might be the agency for you.

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2. PetLondonModels

PetLondonModelsOn the other hand, if it’s more of a magazine or Instagram vibe you’re going for, as you’re confident in your pooch’s staying ability but not quite in their overall filmset behavior, then Pet London Models might be the best fit for you. They have experience in modelling brands like Vogue and Mulberry.

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Dog model in the United KingdomDog model with pink heart glasses.

3. A-Z Animals

A-Z dog modelling agencyA-Z animal modelling agency.

A-Z Animals was founded in 1983 and has partnered with visionary filmmakers and photographers to produce some of the world’s most iconic animal content for advertising, film, photography and events.

They only provide top class trained animals with professional handlers and trainers to the film/media industries. 

Some facts:

  • 150 Feature Films

  • 1500 TV commercials

  • 3500 photographic assignments

  • Full Risk Assessments

  • £5m Public Liability Insurance Cover

  • No insurance claim in 33 years

  • Veterinary Surgeon Attendance and Welfare Certification arranged

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4. Dogs on Camera

Dogs on camera - animal consultants for film, TV, stage and advertisingWe are Animal Consultants for Film, TV, Stage and Advertising. We have a large portfolio of dogs and other animals that are available to work.

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5. Pet Stories

pet stories UK-based dog modelling agencyOver the years, their photography service has introduced them to so many one of-a-kind pets. They thought it was about time to connect their best pals with brands. They would like to use our position in the industry to promote not just the ‘top-dog’ but the ‘under-dog’ too.

If you would like to hire a pet model for your next brand photo-shoot, for social media content, or a TV ad, get in touch to find out more on what they do.

How much does dog modelling pay in the UK?

The amount you make from dog modelling entirely depends on the jobs you take, the breed of your dog and what they’re expected to do. Some pooches don’t actually make any money while modelling, but this is mainly because their parents just want to model as a hobby.

Most professional photoshoots will pay out around £120 per day. This will normally be a few hours of posing but could be up to a full day. However, if you’re wanting to make the big bucks, you should accept anything at first until you get the ball rolling.

How do I get my UK dog into modelling?

There are a few things you need to master before you can create a successful modelling career for your dog.

·       Headshots

Your dog needs a business card. Having some professional photos in a range of different environments will let people know how flexible your dog can be and gives people hiring your dog an impression of what they could achieve. A few snaps on your phone aren’t going to cut it!

·       Resume

Creating a CV of your dog’s achievements to provide along with headshots will give anyone wanting to hire a dog model an impression of your dog’s behaviour, attitude towards modelling and any past experience. The more jobs they’ve had, the easier it is to get new ones. You should include previous jobs, dog training certificates and any unique characteristics.

·       Agencies

While you might strike it lucky in your neighbourhood and find someone who wants to photograph your dog, you’ll never reach the big leagues without an agent. They’ll understand where to find work and know about any jobs way before you do to put you in the right place at the right time.

·       Your USP

All dogs are different. They come in all shapes, sizes and colours, so you’ll need to decide what makes your dog stand out from the crowd. Look for a niche market. This ensures you won’t get a ton of competition.

·       Canine Classes

You won’t get very far if your dog isn’t trained. They need to be well behaved and able to stay in one place for a long time. Even the most amazing looking dogs won’t get very far if they can’t sit still.

Top 5 UK brands looking for dog models

There are tons of brands always searching for great looking dogs to show off their wares. For some, the image of the dog is enough to convince them to buy a product.

1. Denzel's

Denzel showing off his treatsDenzel showing off his treats!

At Denzel's they hand-bake healthy low-calorie dog treats in the UK, using only real natural ingredients including sustainably sourced meat, fish, and wonky fruit and veg from local suppliers.

🌟 Read about Denzel's dog model program.

2. PawBakes

PawBakes looking for dog models in the United KingdomPawBakes products.

Both their biscuit and cupcake baking kits have completely recognizable ingredient lists & have had that all-important approval from our treasured pets – the PawBakes taste testers!

🌟 Read about their PawBakes dog model program.

3. PrettyLittleThing

Dog mom with PrettyLittleThing productDog mom posing with her dog.

PrettyLittleThing is currently looking for dog models to show off their new range. To be in with a chance of your dog being featured, you just need to share an image of your pet on TikTok or Twitter using #PLTpet.

🌟 Read about PrettyLittleThing's dog model program!

4. The Barking Bakery

The Barking Bakery cake for dog influencersThe Barking Bakery cake for dog influencers.

The Barking Bakery, run by Michelle and her dedicated canine cake tester Angus, creates delicious doggy delicacies, including a signature range of Woofins.

🌟 Read about The Barking Bakery's dog model program!

5. PetDreamHouse

PetDreamHouse lick mat for dog influencersDog licking the PetDreamHouse Paw Lick Pad.

PetDreamHouse believes in the concept of gamelike slow feeding wherein not only it is fun and exciting, but also beneficial for health. The products of PetDreamHouse Interactive Feeding System are dynamic, multi-functional and designed with the green mind.

🌟 Read about PetDreamHouse's dog model program!

Dog modelling competition UK 2022

Becoming a dog model isn’t just about getting on TV. Lots of dog models make it big by starting off as online influencers advertising a range of puppy care products or foods. To get ahead of the competition, your dog will need to practice.  

Check out the Top 50 Dog Influencers in Australia to see exactly what we mean.

10 skills a dog model needs:

To make it this far, you’ll need to master a few things:

1. Stay

Pretty much essential to take a great photo!

2. Come

If you’re wanting a motion shot, then your dog needs to move when you want them to.

3. Clothes

Lots of brands will want your dog to model their lines so they need to get used to wearing certain items like bows. Brands that may require this are featured in the Top 25 Dog Clothing Brands.

4. Loud Noises

A film set is full of loud and strange noises and your dog will need to be confident around anything that sounds a little odd.

5. Camera Flashes

Even people don’t like camera flashes, so a little practice with this might be required beforehand.

6. Obstacles

Your dog might be required to jump over or sit on certain obstacles to get the part right. They’ll need to be well trained and listen to you.

7. Other Animals

There may be other dogs or pets on the set and it’s essential that your dog doesn’t go mad – or try to eat them!

8. Relationships with People

Your dog loves you, but they need to be able to develop a good relationship with other people too so that they’ll listen to instructions.

9. Props

Props such as chairs, tables and other household items may be used in the shoot. Your dog needs to get used to them being around and not worry about the change of scenery.

10. Smile for the Camera

Looking at the camera! It’s no good if your dog is totally distracted and looking in the opposite direction.

Pug in jumper

Dog modelling UK - Q&A

How can I get my dog on TV in the UK?

The following six steps can help you get your dog on TV:

  1. Make sure your dog has the right personality for the job.

  2. Train your dog in basic obedience.

  3. Add advanced training and special tricks to help your dog stand out from other dogs.

  4. Take some good photos of your pet to show UK-based dog modelling agencies and casting directors.

  5. Get your dog any kind of UK movie or UK TV work you can.

  6. Contact animal actor agencies, extras agencies and casting directors to inquire about opportunities for your dog to be in a commercial.

Does it matter what breed my dog is?

Dog models are required no matter what their breed is. However, some are more sought-after than others. Breeds like Labradors are common. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be easier to find a job as there’s more competition. There’s always work out there, you just need to look in the right places. That’s what your agency is for!

Will my dog enjoy modelling?

Modelling is what you make of it. Your dog is your best friend and they’ll be happy to do anything with you, so why not make it a game? Modelling comes with a ton of training and fun activities that your dog can enjoy. It’s not all about looks!

Is dog modelling dangerous?

In general, no. However, there will always be people out there that try to push the boundaries to make a few extra pounds. If something seems a little too far, you always have the right to pull out. Never put your dog at risk.


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