🎉 We introduce Dogfluence.com: The Influencer Platform for Dogs

Paw yeah! After months of hard work, we are proud to present 'Dogfluence' to the dog industry. Read this post to learn more about our platform, why we launched it, how it can make your life better and to find out what's coming.

What is Dogfluence?

It's a global platform connecting dogfluencers (dogs with social media channels) with dog brands.

What sets us apart from the pack

In our opinion, viewed through dog goggles, other influencer platforms don't understand dogs. They have build generic platforms that bring influencers and brands together, without specifically dogs and dog products in mind.

🐕 We put dogs first

If you are a true dog lover, then you know that dogs have very different needs. In fact, some dogs are so picky, to the point of being rude. 😄

Dogfluence is the first influencer platform build with modern technology that puts dogs first. We connect dogfluencers with brands in a way that not only serves the brand, but most importantly the sponsored dog with all its preferences.

We help and encourage brands to choose dogfluencers who match the products to be promoted. Vice versa, we ask dogfluencers to sign up for campaigns only if they consider the product very suitable for their dog.

We believe that when an influencer dog is thrilled about sponsored products, photos and videos will radiate this to a wider community of dog lovers in a more unique and authentic way.

During the coming months, we will increasingly ask about the preferences of each dog. In time, this will enable us to introduce a matching engine that recommends dogfluencers and brands to each other.

ðŸĄ Dogfluencer is like home

Where other platforms serve different industries, we can dedicate every pixel within the design to the unique needs of a dog-centered market.

In addition, we think design is important. For dogfluencers and brands in the dog industry it is much more fun to have a platform that feels like home, right?

Why join as a Dogfluencer?

Does your dog have its own Instagram channel and does your dog like to try out new products, such as new toys? Then your dog will love Dogfluence!

🌭 Why this smells good to your dog

  • Save time - No more sending out sponsorship requests;
  • Get sponsored - Enjoy new products that are right for your dog;
  • Stand out - Build a reputation and let brands bark at you;
  • Learn skills - Get feedback on your photos and videos;
  • Earn money - Potentially get paid. (coming soon!)

Does your dog have instagram? Join our community to get sponsored and paid.

Why join with your brand?

Dogfluence helps brands in the dog industry to tackle influencer marketing more efficiently.

💊 How we can help you build your brand

  • Save time - Start a new campaign within 5 min. and get requests;
  • Stay in control - You decide who you work with, always;
  • Get exposure - The most popular dogs, promoting your products;
  • Download content - HQ photos and videos of dogs using your products;
  • Receive feedback - Ask for detailed product feedback;
  • Stay organized - Easily check whether the conditions have been met;
  • Build ambassadors - Put together your own 'dogfluencer pack'.

Promote a dog brand? Get collaboration requests from dogfluencers.

How does it work?

Brands and dogfluencers can collaborate via our platform by organizing campaigns together. It's so simple, a dog could do it. 😉

ðŸū Step by step how it works

  1. A brand creates a campaign to promote a product;
  2. Dogfluencers (who qualify for the conditions) can sign up;
  3. The brand chooses the dogfluencers and sends the products;
  4. Dogfluencers create content and promote the product;
  5. Both sides review each other (coming soon!).


Because we have just launched, our first priority is to make sure everything is working properly, fixing bugs etc. After that, these are some of the things we will be launching in the upcoming months.

ðŸ‘Đ‍ðŸģ What's cooking?

  • Campaign page improvements;
  • Dogfluencer product preferences;
  • Review system;
  • Company profile pages;
  • Dogfluencer profile pages;
  • Dogfluencer filters.

You are invited!

Both dogfluencers and brands can create an account for free and start using the platform. Why wait? Try it out today and get value out of what we've build.

Dogfluencer? Register here. Brand? Register here.

ðŸĶī Does it taste good? Bark it from the wooftops!

If you are a dogfluencer, maybe you know other dogfluencers as well. Please ask them to join Dogfluence if you think this would bring them value.

Do you manage a brand from your home paw-ffice? Don't be lonely. Invite your favorite colleague via 'settings' in your account.

Team Dogfluence