What are Campaign Proposals & When do I Accept or Reject?

One relatively special feature is the ability for dogfluencers to create campaign proposals, which is a time saver for you as a brand manager. Read all about campaign proposals and when you can or cannot accept them.

What are Campaign Proposals?

Campaign proposal index page - dog brand manager - Dogfluence.comCampaign proposal index page in Dogfluence.com brand account.

Dogfluencers create a complete concept campaign for your brand, including campaign description, schedule, product(s) to be sponsored, campaign requirements and dogfluencer targeting. As brand manager, you can accept, reject or modify each campaign proposal as you wish.

Benefits of campaign proposals to brands

We introduced this feature for brands with the following in mind:

  • Overall, dogfluencers like the creative process of coming up with a campaign, and for brand managers this is a time-saver;

  • Brand managers do not always know the right balance between the value of sponsorship (products) versus what is expected of a dogfluencer. Having dogfluencers create the campaign proposal creates implicit advice here;

  • Because brand managers have a lot to do, they regularly forget to create campaigns, even though the brand would like to stay well covered on social media. A good campaign proposal from a dogfluencer can then be just the trigger to run another campaign. :)

Should I accept or reject a proposal?

When to accept a proposal?

  • If you are happy with the timing of the campaign;

  • If you have over-stock of the product in the campaign proposal;

  • If it's been quite a long time since your brand got a lot of attention on social.

When to reject a proposal?

  • If you don't have time to send out the products;

  • If the current season is not optimal to promote your products.

👉 Check out Campaign Proposals you received, if any.