How to Get Your Dog Sponsored on Instagram and TikTok

Ever wondered, how do you get your dog sponsored? Then we have good news. It's not that hard. 🤗 You just have to know what brands look for in dogfluencers. Want to know what it is? Keep reading.

We've created an Instagram carousel post that you can swipe through to quickly learn what a brand is looking for in an influencer.

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Your follower count is just one thing

🐕 Dogfluencers often think they have too few followers for sponsorships, but brands look beyond the number of followers. Of course, having a lot of followers is a plus, but actually that only weighs heavily if the involvement of your followers is also high.

Suppose you have 25,000 followers but on average a post only gets 75 likes and 4 comments, what is your reach worth?

We notice that dog brands are increasingly interested in followers statistics.

Follower statistics

They want to know which countries followers come from, the age groups of the followers and the extent to which there is real engagement with the channel. Soon, dog influencers will be able to enter this information when creating their channel on Dogfluence.

There is a hunger for authenticity

With the arrival of many more paid sponsorships on social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok and YouTube, confidence in brand ambassadorship is declining.

If an Instagram account promotes eight brands within four weeks, the recommendation counts less than if the same influencer promotes one brand every eight weeks.

We notice within our platform that brands are increasingly leaning towards influencers who do not promote everything, but are selective. Brands want accounts to authentically reflect their brand values.

Photo: house.of.koda

Look at Koda! Not being able to fall asleep without a brand shows being a real fan, right? 😄

Brands like (temporary) exclusivity

When a brand sponsors your dog, of course, they want some commitment back. In general, they don't want you to promote competitors during the collab.

For example, if you're promoting an anti-tick product from one brand, don't promote another anti-tick-product from another brand at the same time.

Make your dog stand out

With all those hundreds of thousands of social media channels for dogs, it is not easy to stand out. Still, there are plenty of ways to do just that.

Find an intersection of interests

It is not easy to distinguish yourself with an adventurous channel. After all, there are so many adventurous channels. It becomes much easier if you combine the adventurous with the interest in vegetarian dog products.

The channel woodlandsiberians is unique because the family consists of Hannah with her five Siberian Huskies. Together they do lots of activities.

Examples of intersections

  • Cooking for your dog | Dog training courses
  • Funny videos | IG carousel post tips (slideshows)
  • Dog photography | Dog breeding knowledge
  • The adventures of an office dog | in the Netherlands
  • Raising Labrador | Family with three children

When you choose an intersection of interests, it becomes much easier to distinguish yourself. Virtually all your posts should then reflect those themes in order to build a rock-solid channel.

Dogfluencer search engine

Brands want people to see dogs using their products. It is important that the dog that is photographed with the product is a reflection of the brand's ideal customer.

This is where the dogfluence search engine comes in handy for brands. Using filters, brands can use this tool to precisely search for dog influencers that suit them.

Make sure your profile is findable by adding your channel.

Explore how your channel can stand out

Search for the hashtags associated with the brand. See which influencers they regularly work with. You can assume that they are satisfied with that collaboration. Try to estimate what kind of photos and videos the brand likes. Keep that in mind and try to surpass those images with your dog.

Photo: house.of.koda

Koda is not so hungry anymore, but let's say she is looking forward to her next meal. 😉

How to express interest in a brand

More often than not, before a partnership in the form of sponsorship is established, it helps if you build the relationship with the brand first.

What you can do to build a relationship

  • Buy and use their products
  • Tag the brand in a post
  • Use the hashtag of the brand frequently
  • Email the brand with your product review and a link to your post
  • Share some photos and maybe a video with them via WeTranfer
  • Create a Dogfluence profile and express interest in the brand.

If you do this and your content quality is great, it will open the door te a longterm collaboration for sure.

Ask for a sponsorship via a DM

Do you think your channel radiates sufficient quality? Are your posts, stories and reels unique enough compared to other paid partnerships the brand has? Have you shown genuine interest in the brand's products on a number of occasions? Has a relationship been established?

Then it is high time to ask for a sponsorship. Send the brand a DM, let them know that you and your dog really love the products and that you like to communicate that to your followers.

Register for a campaign on Dogfluence

It's even easier to register your channel on; an influencer platform, completely dedicated to dogs.

On this platform, the best brands in the dog industry publish campaigns with certain requirements. As soon as your account meets the requirements, you will receive a notification by email. Does a campaign appeal to you, and does the product suit your dog? Then you can send a request to participate.

As soon as the registration period for the campaign closes, the brand will approve or reject your participation, of which you will then be notified by email.

Check out upcoming campaigns and open campaigns.

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Good luck in scoring a new sponsorship for your dog.

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