July 2021 Dogfluence Update; Learn What's New

Recently, a new update of the website went live. In this blog post we will update you about the changes for all users, as well as the changes specific to dogfluencers on the one hand and changes specific to brands on the other.

Changes for all users

Design adjustments

We have increased the color contrast in various places, so that elements are more visible. The header on the homepage and how-it-works pages have also been slightly modified to better educate new influencers and pet brands about what the platform can do for them.

Speed optimization

The website has been made faster, in particular by not loading more media per page than is necessary for a pleasant user experience.

Dogfluencer reviews given by brands

From now on it is possible for brands to review dogfluencers. This is a feature that has been requested a lot. Brand managers are busy people and they want the platform to provide information about the quality of a dogfluencer.

New dogfluencer profile page

From now on, after each campaign, we ask brands to review each campaign participant. There are currently four criteria that can be reviewed:

  1. Requirements compliance - Are all requirements met? Was the content submitted on time?
  2. Content quality - How do you rate the quality of the photos and videos?
  3. Channel engagement - Considering the number of followers, how was the engagement on content about your brand?
  4. Feedback quality - If applicable, how do you rate the product feedback given by the dogfluencer?

Are you a dog influencer? Then this not only ensures that you can build a good reputation for yourself, but you also receive valuable feedback, so that you learn how to develop into a better dogfluencer.

Changes for Dogfluencers

Dogs are now channels (with dogs)

The old version of the website did not have channels, only dogs. This was a problem because about one third of all dogfluencers have two or more dogs. They created one dog with all three dog names for instance. This was becoming a mess and it became clear we needed to solve this.

That's why we created channels. You can now login, add a channel (if there is no channel yet in your account) and add multiple dogs to it.

Channel profile pages

All channels now have their own profile page, which includes the following information:

  • Profile name
  • Number of channel followers
  • Link to social channel (Instagram, TikTok or Youtube)
  • Your review score
  • Channel description
  • Photos
  • Collaborations
  • Campaign history

Brands also have the option to send a collaboration request to an individual influencer.

If you would like to drive traffic to your channel profile and support Dogfluence at the same time, please consider posting a link to your profile on Dogfluence in your Instagram bio.

Changes for Brands

Improvements to the dogfluencer search engine

You can now immediately see which platform a channel is on. The filters have also been expanded. You can filter dogfluencers based on:

  • Channel type (Instagram, TikTok, YouTube)
  • Follower count
  • The weight of the dog
  • Countries
  • Breeds
  • Reviews (this is quite new so not in the image above 🤭)

As the number of dogfluencers goes up, there will be more and more filters, so you can increasingly find dogfluencers that really match your brand.

Statistics when picking dogfluencers

After the campaign registration period, it's time to choose the dogfluencer pack you want to run the campaign with. From now on you have more data at your disposal to base your choice on.

View uploaded media in your account

Before this update, brands needed to download a ZIP-file containing all uploaded media, in order to view photos and videos.

From now on, brands can view uploaded content directly in their account environment, via the campaign management panel. Now you can also download an individual photo or video.

Regarding file management, these things are still in the works:

  • File name structuring;
  • Link to channel profile;
  • Being able to only download files you did not download before.

Campaign address insight

Brands can now easily see the addresses of the campaign participants from within their account.

Campaign submission insight

Once only available via an Excel-export, brands can now view submissions like personal product reviews from within their account.

Improved campaign statistics

We also improved campaign statistics, for example the combined follower count of all participating dogfluencers.

Which feature does your brand need?

Please let us know what you like or don't like about this update. If there are things you need, feel free to send us a chat message.

So much for this update. Thank you for your attention.

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