Top 13 Modeling Agencies in the United States

Owning a pet is not just a fashion but people are connected with them emotionally. They want to make them feel like one of themselves. You must have seen dogs on the billboards for a commercial for some pet food or any other thing too. They look so groomed and neat because they have been all made up in a dog modeling agency. If you also have a pup and want him/her to look like one of those in films then let’s tell you where you can get it done in America.

Dog modeling agency in Chicago 

The dog agency 

It is a brilliant pet marketing agency. If you want to make your dog a model they will provide you with marketing campaigns and production services too. They enable you to work with brands. 

It is a certified and women-owned agency. The working area of this agency covers press opportunities, marketing campaigns, appearances, merchandise, etc. They provide complete animal care. 

Dog modeling agency in Chicago ABOUT — THE DOG AGENCY

The Dog Agency (@thedogagency) • Instagram photos and videos

Dog modeling Michigan 

Got Pet-ential animal talent 

You can do multiple pet projects with this amazing creative agency. They got you covered for all shoots and live events. All you have to do is just click a button and have the animal you want. You can select from a range of exotic and domestic animals for video and print both kinds of works. Their experts source animals from different candidates then they give you a portfolio so that you can know what you are choosing.

Dog modeling Michigan Got Pet-ential Animal Talent Agency – GOT PET-ENTIAL ANIMAL TALENT (

Dog modeling in Philadelphia 


If you want to provide your dog with wtrangling, casting, and training for video then this agency is very good for providing these services. It is also run by a woman and she is an animal lover. She has all skills and passion for bringing out the best from your animals. They have a variety of breeds. Dogs here are being trained for sports, obedience, preparations, and competitions. 

Dog modeling in PhiladelphiaDognerd Animal Talent Agency | Animal Actors, Casting, Production Consulting and Dog Training (

Dognerd Animal Talent (@dognerd_animal_talent) • Instagram photos and videos

Look at Models and Actors 

This agency is basically for male and female models but also provides video and film shootings for your precious pets. So if you think your pet got it then it is also a good place for you.

Dog modeling in PhiladelphiaHome - Look Models and Actors

Dog modeling in Los Angeles 

Hollywood paws 

This agency does not own pets but they make your pet a model. Dogs who love treats and want to be social will be very delighted in this place. You can also first train your dog if it is not ready. The trainer guides your dog off camera away from the studio where it can get all the instructions clearly. Just take your dog to Hollywood Paws if your dog is confident enough. 

Dog modeling agency in Los Angeles Dog Training - puppy training - Dog Trainer - Dog Cat Animal Actor School (

Dog modeling in portland 

Feathers and Fur 

It is a great place that specializes in dogs for modeling like video, photos, etc. they also have bird varieties. You can bring your pup here to get ready for the paparazzi. A very wonderful thing about them is that they shoot all, national and international photos, videos and commercials, etc. 

Dog Modeling agency in Portland Feathers and Fur Animal Talent Agency – Providing animal talent in the western United States (

Dog modeling in NYC 


It is another compelling talent agency for your pup. Your pup needs to be very communicative and love to wear pet clothes. They run marketing campaigns and shoot videos and photos. The overall services are very good. Your pet can really have a job and become a star of TikTok as well as other modeling projects. 

Dog modeling agency in NYC

Dog modeling agency in Florida 

America’s top dog model 

If you want glamour, elegance, and style then this is the place for you. It is famous internationally. It is run by a producer, stylist, and pet life expert. They basically hold a competition. The contest has different themes for example in 2007 the theme was “Travel with Style”. 

Dog modeling agency in Florida

Dog modeling agencies in Dallas

Jenna Regan fine art photography 

Not only do they provide pet photography but also commercial photography at the national and local levels. They do not have any hard and fast rules for dog behavior for selection but they do it on the basis of physical characteristics. Training level dogs are also acceptable here. Just submit your dog by filling out the required database at the site and your dog is ready to go there. 

Dod modeling agency in Dallas

Haute dog couture pet photography 

Several print and online publications have proudly highlighted Haute Dog Pet Photography, and they are constantly on the lookout for new dogs to make famous. Their team has also taken part in international competitions, press releases, product launches, and many more. They also offer a membership that is for all dogs. They do commercial projects with various companies and provide them with model dogs for product marketing. If they find your dog appropriate then it is good to go. 

Dog modeling agency in Dallas

Dog modeling Las Vegas 

Rock star dogs 

Make memories with your fur babies and pups with this agency. They provide photography for the special moments of you and your dog.

Dog modeling agency in Las Vegas

Dog modeling San Diego 

Oh My Dog 

Their owner Keelay Kenefick has her own unique way of loving pets and capturing them. This is also a for the daily life photography of your pets including dogs. She does perfect fine art photography. 

Dog modeling agency in San Diego


How do I get my dog started in dog modeling?

In order to get your dog into modeling, the first thing you need to do is to begin training your dog to remain calm in new environments. This training can be done by exposing your dog to various settings and people which will eventually help him or her to adjust easily to new people or environments.

How do I get my dog on TV?

If you want to make your dog appear on TV, the first thing you must do is to make sure that your dog has mastered obedience training. To make an appearance on TV it is quite necessary that he understands and obeys the commands being given to him by his master.

How do I find an agent for my dog?

Finding an agent for your dog is not a big problem if your dog can display characteristics that make him or her stand out from the rest of the dogs. All you need to do is take eye-catching photographs and video shots and send them to pet talent agents.

How do I get my dog into advertising?

If you want to feature your dog in advertising then you need to make sure that is ready for the task. For that purpose you need to begin with obedience training and teach hand signals to your dog because there will be times on-set when giving verbal information to your dog will not be possible.

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