Pet Product Marketing Agency: Need Customers? Here’s How to Get Them Quickly

Influencer marketing is an extremely effective form of marketing. And dog influencer marketing is when you work with an owner and their dog who have a certain impact on the marketon dog lovers. But what if you didn’t have to make calls to influencers and send a hundred emails? What if you could simply add your products to a campaign, choose from the dogfluencers you feel fit your product the best, and hit send. How would this approach to marketing and selling affect your profits?

When to hire a Pet Product Marketing Agency

You’re a savvy businessperson. You’ve got your eye on the prize and you’re on your way to success. You have a product that you know is going to help people, a product that has the potential to really make a difference. But there’s one thing that you don’t have: marketing. You need to find the right people to help you get the word out. But, where do you start?

As a business owner, you can’t do everything.

And if you try, you will become burnt out.

Your attention should be on improving your products and services, not necessarily on marketing. The goal of an agency includes lead generation and brand awareness. They concentrate on promoting your company’s brand and products online—and you keep your attention on product development.

The key is to use an agency as a tool to get your company to the next step, whether it’s to the next level of scale or to get your brand out there.

How an agency markets a business depends on the demands of each individual client. You may wish to hire a marketing agency when you have a limited budget, when you are new to a market, when you are a start-up, or when you want to scale. Ultimately, when you don’t have the time or the resources to do it yourself.

A marketing agency can specialize in a wide range of tasks, including Facebook campaigns, website content creation, SEO, link building, Instagram, LinkedIn, and ad campaigns.

A pet product marketing agency can help you get off the ground and grow your business. So, you should hire an agency when you get more out of hiring one than you would if you were to do the work yourself.

What are the benefits of hiring a marketing agency?

The advantages of hiring a marketing agency include:

  • Increased sales

  • Increased customer loyalty

  • Reduced customer acquisition costs

  • Increased customer retention

However, there are many factors that should be considered when deciding whether to hire a marketing agency.

The following should be taken into account:

  • The size of your company. Can your team manage the exposure?

  • The amount of money you're willing to spend on marketing

  • The type of marketing you need

  • The number of products you're selling

  • The amount of time you're willing to spend

  • The budget you have

Do the benefits of hiring an agency out way the cost?

Every financial decision should be factored into your business plan. Because as an entrepreneur or business owner, when it comes to spending money, you must think strategically.

First, you need to perform a cost-benefit analysis—determine the ROI—of outsourcing marketing. You need to weigh the pros and cons and only hire an agency when your business profits more than the cost of the service.

There are a lot of factors that go into this decision. The most important one to consider is how well your marketing dollars move the needle.

In some cases, the cost to hire an agency may be low, but you don’t have any guarantees. What results will they bring?

Some marketing agencies may guarantee certain results based on their past success rate. But in the end, an agency is accountable for their promises, or your money back.

When you decide to hire a marketing agency, you are looking for the best deal for your company. If they can help you make more sales, then it is the right decision.

However, everything an agency can do—you can do too.

When not to hire a pet product marketing agency

Money talks

If you don’t have enough money to pay an agency, it’s a no-brainer that you can’t afford one at this stage.

You may think that running a campaign with an agency will bring in money in time to pay the agency and make you a profit, but this could cause you to get burned, as not every marketing campaign will work that quickly.

Your product is still in the development phase

You need to make sure your product is in the “ready-to-sell” phase. If you have any obvious problems with your product or service, you don’t want to mass market it. Any problems will be amplified in the market if there are functional, aesthetic, or safety issues. For example, if you have a puppy app, but know that it needs a software update and bug fixes, then you should wait before gaining more exposure. A poor quality product entering the market can do more damage than good to a business’ reputation. Make sure your product is ready to market before investing in a pet product marketing agency.

Your infrastructure is not in place to roll out a product

Do you have a sales cycle in place? Is your website optimized and able to handle traffic, mass orders, and shipping?

Your product might be great, but if you don’t have a rollout plan, you could face lots of abandoned carts, negative website reviews, and service complaints on social media—the last thing you want.

Customers won’t only evaluate you on your product but also on customer service. If you don’t have a team and the structure in place to manage large orders, hold off on hiring a marketing agency until you do.

When the cost of the agency’s services far exceeds the profits your product will make

Different product and brand marketing options exist when it comes to marketing. For example, if your product costs $33, and a marketing agency guarantees a follower reach of 10,000 people per month with a 2% conversion rate but wants you to pay $5,000 per month… you may want to find another agency.

However, if an agency can get you a reach of 50,000 people and you only need to pay $49 per month, then this is something you could seriously consider. Because in this instance, if you have only a 0.01% conversion rate—you sell five products—you would have made your money back AND a profit of $116.

5 things you can do yourself to reach dog owners effectively and fast

For every form of online marketing, for example, YouTube, Instagram, etc., there’s a course that will help you master the approach. I’m not talking about wishy-washy courses that add no value. Fiverr Learn and Udemy offer great courses by industry professionals. The question is, do you have the time to fully invest in learning about YouTube or Instagram, for instance?

You can do the following marketing activities yourself, but you need to offset the advantages and disadvantages of keeping a function in-house or outsourcing. Usually, the cost of outsourcing is the deciding factor.

1.  YouTube

When it comes to showing off your products, YouTube is one of the best platforms, especially YouTube shorts. This is because video is so effective. The deciding factor on whether to use YouTube to showcase your products depends on your marketing approach. You may be too self-conscious and not want to show your face. Or, maybe you would prefer to establish your product in the market first before you start a YouTube channel.

If you can solve your audiences’ problems and engage them with interesting content, then it’s worth starting a YouTube channel. Not only will your product get exposure, but you’ll eventually be able to monetize your channel with ads too.

2.  Instagram

According to research, Instagram works better for short-form content, and YouTube is more effective with long-form content.

And with Instagram, you need good quality photos and images, whereas on YouTube, videos do better.

You need to decide which platform works better for what you’re trying to achieve. The deciding factor should be, which platform is your audience on?

3. Paid ads/paid traffic

You can use websites like Simple Traffic to send thousands of people, depending on the package you choose, to any website, blog, or affiliate link. The main disadvantage of paid traffic like this is that it’s cold traffic—the user isn't searching for your products or services but is redirected to your website.

Whereas with paid ads, this is warm traffic because if a person clicks on a Google ad on the search engine results page, they were searching for that keyword and clicked through to the ad. The user intent with paid ads versus paid traffic is different.

Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter ads are options when it comes to getting traffic to a website or link. However, you need to understand the dynamics of the different types of ads. It’s often much easier to hire someone to manage ad campaigns, an expert, than to figure this out yourself. Again though, there are courses available online that can help you set up ad campaigns. In fact, you can find great YouTube videos, which are free, that will teach you how to set up Google ads, for example.

People are cautious when it comes to paid ads or traffic because you don’t know if you’ll even make your money back.

4. Influencers

Would you buy a dog product if Kim Kardashian recommended it?

I would.

There’s a reason why nearly 75% of marketers admit to having included influencer marketing in their campaigns at least once…

It works.

Influencers have a way with people, are usually popular, and have the ability to persuade their audience.

If you’re looking for a pet product marketing agency that uses influencer marketing, Dogfluence is the best and most affordable agency.

For a free ($0) campaign with a 50,000k reach, test our ‘Take a bite’ package and let our dogfluencers do the marketing for you.

5. LinkedIn

It’s true that LinkedIn is a platform for business professionals. Yes, you may not get as much reach on LinkedIn as you would on other social media platforms if you’re selling B2C. But you will get the attention of B2B businesses. Pet shops, vets—any business that can stock your products—can be a great way to get your product out there and gain exposure. This approach can be even more effective than targeting pet lovers directly because if you are able to land a chain store, get your product stocked by them, then you gain the exposure of millions of customers in-store.

LinkedIn outreach can be tricky, though. You need to make strategic connections and reach out to the decision-makers in a business. Not always an easy thing to do. If you can craft connection request messages that don’t sound salesy, you may be able to establish relationships that can profit your business.

You will also want to create content on LinkedIn, posts and articles, that target your prospects’ pain points. For LinkedIn posts to be successful, you should follow the PAS approach—pain, agitate, solution. This way, you strike an emotional chord with your audience and they’ll see that you understand the struggles they face.

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Why use dog influencers to market your products?

With the popularity of influencer marketing, the reach of brands is increasing by the day. Dog influencers are the one thing that every pet marketing team needs.

We know that if a dog influencer has a following, they have the ability to market and sell products. But it may be a struggle to reach out and manage even a handful of influencers.

Dogfluence’s online platform helps get your products in front of hundreds of dog influencers through the creation of simple campaigns. We understand the nuances of the industry and our approach is new school marketing using an online platform. We bring together dog influencers and brands so that both brands and influencers can make money. We make it easy for brands to reach dog influencers through our platform.

Dog influencer marketing is the process of promoting a company’s products using famous dogs. A dog influencer is someone who takes on the responsibility of promoting a company or brand. They are also responsible for finding new ways of promoting the company and brand.

If you have a pet, you know how much of an impact they have on your life. That is why it is important to use an agency that understands the industry. A pet marketing company is a company that can help you gain exposure for your brand and increase your sales. By using a pet marketing agency, you can reach out to the right dog influencers, gain exposure, and ensure that you are reaching your target audience. The best thing about using a pet marketing company is that they are constantly looking for new and exciting ways to help you market your brand.

The bottom line

Finding a pet product marketing agency that is right for you can be confusing. There are so many options and it can be hard to know what is best for your business. The key is to be sure that the company you choose has a good reputation. Take the time to research the company and make sure to ask the right questions. This way, you can find the best fit for you and your business.


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