Super Tummy Instant

Quick, simple and highly effective relief for your dog's diarrhoea. Our unique formula fights stomach upsets super FAST! This veterinary-strength diarrhoea relief supplement has been specially formulated to instantly support your dog's sensitive tummy or keep it in your cupboard when you need it most! Gentle and effective, it binds bacteria and toxins, tops-up good bacteria and supports the bulk, consistency and regularity of your dog's poops. 

- Stops diarrhoea
- Soothes stomach
- Stool-binding prebiotics and electrolytes support hydration
- Easy to use with a Reusable syringe included for free 
- Say goodbye to unpickable poop

Our all-natural formula is packed with gut-supporting ingredients, including a unique prebiotic & electrolyte blend, and contains no artificial ingredients or flavourings. 


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