Better Bone

Blue Standard & BetterBone are manifesting a better future for our earth through cleverly-designed essentials made from 100% sustainable or recycled materials. Focusing on replacing harmful ingredients, and chemicals, with innovative, eco-friendly, and safe alternatives. We envision a world in which recycled and sustainable materials, equitable supply chains, and excellent quality become the new standard for pet products. Our revolutionary all-natural, sustainable BetterBone creates a better option for your pet, your family, and the future of our planet. The Betterbone is made from two simple ingredients (wood cellulose fiber and plant-based oil) combined to make a proprietary and sustainable material that is hypoallergenic, non-splintering, safe, satiating, and cleans your best friends teeth all while reducing impact on our environment. We continue to innovate and create sustainable alternatives in the pet industry and are building our offerings at a rapid pace to include fully recycled ocean plastic leashes and collars with equitable supply chains, and measurable impacts on C02 Emissions, fossil fuel consumption, wastewater, and more. We focus on the safety and enjoyment of your pet while reducing our environmental impact at every turn. We aim to create a trusted relationship with our customers and their pets that is based on the performance of our products and the ease of mind that comes from our constant innovation in the safety, enjoyment, and sustainability of our products. Simply providing better options for the toys and accessories your pet already needs and loves.


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