Crafts 4 Rescues

Crafts 4 Rescues was founded in 2018 when I decided I wanted something more fashionable for my pup to wear during the holidays. When I started to create lots of bandanas for my dog for fun I realized I could sell my bandanas,scrunchies,etc to help animals in need. Crafts 4 Rescues is a handmade animal and human accessory shop. Crafts 4 Rescues donates 20% Profits to animal rescues and we have currently donated over 193 dollars. We are a brand interested in growing our community we are currently working on being a more Eco-Friendly Brand. Our Target group is Dog Moms that Adopt Rescue animals and (or) Foster Animals. While our target audience is rescue dogs we also love working with purebred dogs so If you have a purebred dog please don't hesitate to apply to work with us.


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