MAXX Medical Pet Care Clothing

MAXX Freedom Shirt is the best recovery suit designed for dogs, cats and rabbits to cover post surgery wounds and provide relief from the Cone of shame/Ecollar. A trademarked, patented design and breathable high quality fabric that allows ventilation to the wound with immense comfort and a unique design with new features. Our mission is to provide the highest quality, comfortable medical pet care clothing for your furry friend’s well-being and recovery. We are passionate about treating animals with care and compassion. With the Remarkable design and Superior quality, we look to maximise customer satisfaction. Our target group is dog/cat/rabbit owners, vets, animal hospitals and clinics. We have 4 products. MAXX Dog shirt comes in 2 colours, Peacock Blue Grey and Ruby Red Grey, 11 sizes each. MAXX Cat Shirt comes in one colour, Pink Grey, 5 sizes. MAXX Rabbit Shirt comes in one colour Aqua Blue, 6 sizes.


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