Hello Dogfluencers! We are the Rinseroo brand. The Rinseroo is a slip on shower attachment hose that makes pet bathing fast and easy! Just slip it over your shower head, rinse and roll! It's also a great tool for cleaning your shower in record time! We are looking to work with influencers who are EXCELLENT VIDEOGRAPHERS and who don't already have a handheld shower attachment in their bathroom. In order to apply, we request that you have a standard size shower head and would be willing to show the Rinseroo being attached and used to bathe your furry friend. The Rinseroo makes for great content! Some of our influencer videos have gone viral on TikTok and we are in search of more influencers with the potential to post a video that will go viral! There is something oddly satisfying about watching a RInseroo in action. You will get a free Rinseroo for your participation and we will also share and thank you on our social! Please don't apply if you are unable to meet our shower head and video requirements! We look forward to reviewing your applications. Thanks and Happy Rinseroo-ing!


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